Freshness and Safety
Protection solutions for the fishing industry.
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Ensuring Food Safety
Celebrating World Food Safety Day!
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International Burger Day
Elevate your burger experience with us
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Perfect crunchiness and exceptional flavor
Learn more about our coating systems.
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Enhance your dairy products
Discover how our Viskon L® and Viskon V® stabilizing systems can help you achieve that.
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Celebrating International Talent!
Carolina's successful internship journey at Farmesa.
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Harmonizing health and flavor
Explore healthier, tastier, and cleaner food alternatives.
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Discover how Farmesa redefines the snack experience in the world of snackification.
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The educational meetings at Farmesa continue!
We received a visit from Food Engineering students from UCA.
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Educational meeting
We received a visit from Food Engineering students from UADE.
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Conociendo Farmesa KIDS
A day of learning and fun
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Today is our 64th Anniversary!
Celebrating our 64th Anniversary.
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Creciendo Juntos
Last Friday at Creciendo Juntos we shared with our university interns and students who are currently developing their professional practices at Farmesa, a meeting where they were able to learn up close about our history, essence and projects.
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Farmesa at SAGYP's 1st Vegan-Vegetarian Table
We participated in the 1st Table for Productive Development and Promotion of Vegan-Vegetarian Food coordinated by the Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.
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Farmesa at Expo Carnes y Lácteos 2023
We are delighted to have once again been part of Expo Carnes y Lácteos 2023 in Monterrey, Mexico.
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Coming Soon Farmesa at Expo Carnes y Lácteos 2023
From February 21 to 23 we will be exhibiting at Expo Carnes y Lácteos 2023 in Monterrey, Mexico.
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Argentine Export Award 2022
We were recognized with the Argentine award for export performance 2022, in the export investment category.
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Crispier oven-cooked breaded products
Final products significantly reduced in oil
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IV Seminar on New Trends and Applications for the Meat Industry
From September 8 to 11 in Cartagena, Colombia
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Today is our 63rd Anniversary!
We keep working together to create the future of food Farmesa - we innovate to awaken the senses
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Farmesa en Tecno Fidta 2022
Del 28 de Junio al 1 de Julio estaremos en Tecno Fidta 2022
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For more than 60 years
We’ve been dedicated to the development,
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Estabilización superior en dulces de corte
Los dulces a base de membrillo y batata forman parte de una rica y extensa tradición culinaria en Latinoamérica.
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Farmesa at IFFA 2022
From May 14th we will be exhibiting at IFFA
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More protein in your plant-based snacks!
High-protein snacks are ever more popular, in sync with active lifestyles and healthier choices from consumers.
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Etiquetado frontal en Argentina.
Los órganos legislativos en Argentina han aprobado La Ley de Etiquetado Frontal de alimentos.
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Texture - Plantia
Texture is a complex attribute defined by several key dimensions.
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Charla Plantia en FAUBA
Hoy 15/10 estaremos dando una charla en el Curso de Desarrollo de Alimentos basado en plantas
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Nuestra planta en Filipinas
Es la incorporación más reciente a nuestro esquema de manufactura
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Our Philippines facility
Is the latest addition to our manufacturing footprint
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Hoy en Farmesa cumplimos 62 años!
Hoy en Farmesa cumplimos 62 años!
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Farmesa y la comunidad
Acompañamos al merendero “El sol sale para todos” y al Jardin 911 de General Rodriguez ...
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Chocolate milk challenges? We’ve got you covered
Successfully stabilizing chocolate milk depends on the formation of a thixotropic system to achieve a homogenous suspension of cocoa particles in a three-dimensional network.
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Transición de proteínas: el cambio necesario
Según la Universidad de Wageningen en Holanda (WUR))...
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Golden, crispy Tempura coatings
This method of frying food was introduced in the 1600s by Portuguese missionaries.
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Estabilizantes Emulcor®: protección superior en leche fluida UHT
La tecnología de ultra alta temperatura (UHT) se utiliza ampliamente en la industria de la leche para el tratamiento térmico..
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Frontera Noticias, entrevisto a nuestro director Federico Nocella
Medios especializado en innovación y tecnología
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La carne vegetal ya no es solo para vegetarianos!
Nuestro equipo de I+D preparó esta hamburguesa análoga de pollo que es 100% vegana.
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Plantia food systems, change is here
The way we experience food is changing.
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Melanosis inhibition, now allergen free
New Sulfite-free treatment
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Live interview
We will cover “Texture and nutrition solutions in plant-based applications”
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We are proud
The current COVID-19 pandemic has changed most aspects of life for all humankind in a very short period of time.
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Covid-19 - update
We are focusing on protecting each other, with active measures to prevent harm to our employees, customers and communities.
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Christmas, together
Thanks to the outstanding commitment of our colleagues, we could deliver Christmas...
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Farmesa exhibiting at FIE 2019
From Dec 3rd. - 5th we will be exhibiting in the new edition of FIE -Food Ingredients Europe- the leading global meeting place for food and beverage innovation.
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New application technologies for the meat industry
New application technologies for the meat industry
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Farmesa exhibiting at IFFA 2019
Farmesa will be present as an exhibitor at IFFA 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany from May 04.
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Expo carnes y lácteos 2019, monterrey
Farmesa will be present at Expo Carnes y Lactéos 2019 on February 26, 27 and 28. We will present new products for the region. We will be pleased to welcome you at our Booth no. 344
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Argentina-Philippines: 70 years of diplomatic relationships
Farmesa Asia Pacific Directors were present alongside the Philippines Ambassador to Argentina during the celebration of the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between both countries.
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Sodium reduction
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