We solve plant-based meat alternatives consistently and creatively through a complete portfolio, especially designed to create unique experiences.


What is Plantia?

Plantia Solutions

Our approach

+50 %

By 2050, world population will demand 50% more protein


Food production is responsible for 25% of greenhouse emissions

-4 years

The impact of non recommended nutritional habits in life expectancy is 4 years


Current food production model covers 40% of ice and desert free lands

Consumers are leading change

Main drivers for plant-based diets
1. Taste and discovery
2. Health and wellness
3. Ethics and beliefs
4. Cost and convenience


What is Plantia?

Innovation and technology leadership in plant based alternatives

We offer versatile product development through our leading-edge innovation platfom and flexibility in process technology


Profound understanding of consumer insights

Our systems are created with a strong consumer focus, designed to deliver  unique experiences


Application expertise and custom made solutions

We develop specific solutions for our customers, optimizing their operational performance, and assisting in every step from product design to scaling-up in manufacturing environments


Customer centered model

Supported by our world-class manufacturing footprint, allowing us to deliver efficiency at scale

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