Carrageenan systems

With the setup of next generation facilities for the production of carrageenan, we manufacture hydrocolloid systems with the highest quality standards, offering leading-edge solutions and technological assistance.

Products and applications


Technology and development
R&D program


We work side by side with our customers to create the best products and applications, through a knowledge management system supported by our Center of Applied Technology Research. Combining deep consumer insights, profound knowledge about the science and art of food, and unrelenting curiosity, we aim to design the solutions that will shape the future of food.

When we partner with our customers, we fully commit to helping them navigate and address every challenge from aligning product concepts with the latest trends, to efficiently scaling-up projects in production settings.

From advanced analytical laboratories and pilot-scale facilities to collaboration agreements with leading institutions and scientists, we create the proper environment to materialize innovation.


Seaweed harvest





Our quest to make a positive difference permeates all activities in our business platform, including raw material sourcing from origin, workplace ethics, environmental practices and community development efforts.

Aiming for sustainable marine ecosystems and meaningful impact in seaweed farming communities.

Seaweed farming for carrageenan plays a central role in supporting the livelihoods of local family farmers in South East Asia and East Africa. Climate change and variable market conditions pose significant challenges for these communities, straining to adapt with limited means. Such complexities could result in farming practices that might lead to unforeseen effects on the sustainability of seaweed resources.

Our approach seeks to strengthen and empower seaweed producers and their communities, working closely with them and leveraging our organizational capabilities and resources to create long-lasting positive impacts. Whether through training, tools, coaching or assistance we focus on best practices that foster the preservation of marine and coastal ecosystems, as well as safer, more equal and improved socio-economic work environments.

Customer centered model

Supported by our world-class manufacturing footprint, allowing us to deliver efficiency at scale

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