Flavor Systems

We bring richness and succulence to life, through real and authentic flavoring systems that deliver complex, high-impact and subtle notes, across a wide array of labelling requirements.

Applications: Meat | Dairy | Seafood | Snacks | Meals | Plant-Based


Marinades and glazes

Created with the objective of delivering superior taste experiences, our marinades and glazes offer rich, flavorful, signature profiles that give character to finished products.

Applications: Meat | Seafood | Meals



Drawing from our culinary and sensory expertise, and combining it with sourced-from-origin spices, our seasonings impart singular flavor profiles and help create authentic, delicious foods.

Applications: Meat | Seafood | Meals | Plant-Based


Taste modulators

Leveraging technology and application know-how, we have developed balanced solutions to improve taste perception and confidently deliver on modulation challenges, including sodium-reduction.

Applications: Meat | Dairy | Seafood | Snacks | Meals | Plant-Based

Our solutions enable differential sensory profiles and consistent performance, while ensuring product safety.

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